On a Personal Note…

After K Street Kate’s Third Anniversary Party earlier this month, there was much publicity and well-wishing. I was thrilled with how much everyone enjoyed themselves at the party – and that I had actually encouraged so many of DC’s influential dudes and divas to travel to 14th Street for the grand affair.

Imagine my surprise when I picked up the newest copy of the Georgetowner to find a mention of the party… without a single mention of the host! Had the writer not been at the party, enjoying her free cocktails and fantastic conversation with K Street Kate readers, I might have accused her of not doing the proper research on her topic. But since she did take advantage of my hospitality and still failed to correctly identify the party’s purpose, I’ll have to assume she simply forgot the essential elements of the story, the WHO and WHAT she mistakenly identified that go along with the WHERE and WHEN… and oh yeah, that crucially dropped WHY.

I’m thrilled that the party was recognized for what it was, a savvy and sophisticated gathering of who’s who in DC that brings attention to the city’s best assets: its superior local businesses, outstanding people, compelling charities and eclectic neighborhoods. And thank you, again, to all who came out to support the Third Anniversary, realizing that the evening was a great endeavor for me… in addition to a show of appreciation for my loyal readers.

It is my purpose here at K Street Kate to provide you with best, most current, and most accurate of DC’s lifestyle news. Imagine how interested you would (not) be if I left out the most important details! So find it all here in post, so you don’t get half of it in somebody’s local newsprint 🙂 Thanks for reading.

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  1. How WEIRD! I'm kinda tempted to pick up a copy of the Georgetowner just to see how in the heck they managed THAT.

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