Old Town Boutique District’s 39 Flavors of Fab Finds

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The Potomac Bead Company shows off their new custom ribbon necklace

To kick off the second quarter, the Old Town Boutique District hosted a mix and mingle to share success stories Monday night. Held in the newly renovated historic Old Town Theater, media types were wowed with wears from the District’s 39 small business owners.

Old Town, known for its hidden gems, was a-sparkle while showing off these boutique retail offerings.  One that shined particularly bright was a serious surprise — a burley man by the stairs knitting up a storm!  Fly fisherman-turned knitting teacher, Micah (right) convinced the stylish women to take his class at fibre space. Anddscf0021 newest to the group — so new it opens on the waterfront Wednesday — Coco Blanca showed off its upcoming carefree lifestyle store “in shades of coconut.”

Recognizable favorites like Current Boutique, Shoe Hive and La Cuisine were welcoming back familiar and greeting fresh faces while talking up the May 18th 3rd Annual Boutiques Give Back Charity Day when store proceeds will be donated dscf0018to designated charities.

Old Town Boutique District has so many one of a kind finds, it’s tempting to eat them all up … starting with the night’s swag!  This bag was so heavy you had to tuck into the chocolate before leaving the theater to lighten the load!

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