Oktoberfest of the Mid-Atlantic’s Best and Wurst

DC’ers and draught-seekers far and wide lifted a stein and said “prost” Saturday in Shirlington in celebration of fall… and 20 years of brewing more than 200 different styles of beer.

Capitol City Brewing Company again hosted its annual Mid-Atlantic Oktoberfest Beer Festival, joining regional breweries and the best of Bavaria to serve traditional German favorites including bratwurst, sauerkraut and fresh soft pretzels and feature seasonal selections (like popular Pumpkin Ale!), taking over the streets of Shirlington Village.

The only ‘wurst’ were the brats, and the best too numerous to name.  Taste testing festers spent the afternoon overfilling their steins (and their stomachs).  And while beer was definitely the main attraction, braids, lederhosen and animal antics added to the seasonal sideshow.

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