No Downton Here — British ‘Reality’ TV Gets Own KickOff to Realscreen Summit

“Tonight is not about fiction, it’s about faction — and reality television…” announced Deputy Ambassador Philip Barton, standing-in for the British Ambassador to the United States at his Massachusetts Ave. residence Sunday night.  “And actually that’s in many ways stronger in the UK than dramatic production.”

Hard to believe when the venue has, in just recent months, played host to receptions for such iconic British dramas as the James Bond series and Downton Abbey, but as British independent producers mingled with representatives from Discovery, Spike TV, National Geographic and other US TV-types, it was clear that “culture — in this case television — is more powerful in bringing things together than government might ever be.”

Attendees at the reception, which also served as a cultural kickoff to the week’s non-fiction RealScreen Summit, included SkyVision Managing Director Carl Hall, Barcroft Media’s Sam Barcroft and Karen Grattage, Discovery Studios’ Gary Shapiro and the British Council’s Paul Smith.

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