Night of the Living ZOO

An eerie evening. Imagine a place where the animals are caged during the day… but at night the monsters bask in the moonlight. Fire eaters play, talking bats screech about, mind-boggling illusionists s.t.r.e.t.c.h. your imagine, and your fortune is read in a crystal ball. The National Zoo has turned zombie and you are inside!

The lions, gorillas, snakes and spiders stay behind locked gates… for now. This new adult-only event, Night of the Living Zoo, sold out weeks in advance with guests gone ghoul who relished an enchanted evening among the animals. Last night they were tricked and treated while they explored the zoo as it is rarely seen… in darkness.

Gives new meaning to those haunting words, “It’s ALIVE!”

(Watch the video to see the illusionist shrink you!)

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