New Virtual Scavenger Hunts Offer Safe Group Fun

Remember team-building exercises? Remember group fun? Watson Adventures, known for its entertaining scavenger hunts, is still offering private and public games in more than 30 cities around the United States for corporate team building, educational, and family applications. Now, the excitement has just gone virtual!

“We had three popular games that were already partly virtual experiences,” said Bret Watson, founder and president of Watson Adventures. “Recently, after many requests, we decided to adapt the games to help people stuck in their homes and eager to connect with friends and colleagues in fun ways.”

These three virtual games feature hosts leading 60-minute adventures using video conferencing technology to connect teams — all in separate locations — to navigate a live adventure on their computer, smartphone, or tablet.  “With most public museums, parks, and public spaces temporarily closed, this is a great way to safely bring groups together in a positive, fun way,” said Watson.

Three virtual games (offered in both adult-only and youth editions) currently available include a TRIVIA SLAM, a MURDER BY TEAM BUILDING, and an ESCAPE TO THE MUSEUM.  Brain teasers, puzzles, and riddles will virtually bring teams together, with tickets for individuals, corporate and non-profit rates, and additional information available here.

“…We are excited to extend these virtual adventures to groups as small as 10, and as large as 100 to really bring people together in a fun and unique way during this period of social distancing,” said Julie Jacobs, chief development officer.  “Not only is it a great way to bring together co-workers in a team-building, morale-inducing way, but is also an effective tactic for high school teachers and college professors to bring social students back into a classroom to work together on a fun and unique assignment while learning from home, or offer a virtual field trip of sorts!”