New at the Newseum: Reporting Vietnam

reporting vietnam

On Friday (May 22) the Newseum will open “Reporting Vietnam, an insightful new exhibit that marks the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War, America’s first televised war. The exhibit explores the dramatic stories of how journalists brought news about the war to a divided nation.

Powerful photos and news footage, music and more than 90 compelling artifacts, historic newspapers and magazines will take visitors back to experience a time when America was at war and young people were rejecting the conservative values of their parents.

Set to a soundtrack of protest songs, the exhibit opens with an exploration of the culture clash that emerged in the 1960s as seen through mainstream and counterculture publications of the day. “Reporting Vietnam” challenges perceptions that linger 50 years after US troops arrived in Vietnam, and poses the question “Did the press lose the war?”

“Reporting Vietnam” will be on display through Sept. 12, 2016.

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