Nature Blooms, Bustles, Bursts at ARTECHOUSE’s Futuristic Cherry Blossom Exhibit

ARTECHOUSE is back with its fourth annual cherry blossom fix — though this year’s inspired installation throws cause and Japanese culture into the mix.

Renewal 2121 is, like all ARTECHOUSE exhibits, all about creative technology. So while DC visitors often hear about Japan’s gift of the cherry trees to DC over 100 years in the past, in this exhibit, visitors will be transported some 100 years into the future with all of the (as-yet unimagined) trendy tech that might entail.

Using environmental activism and the watchword of 2020 — resilience — as educational tools, Renewal 2121 places ARTECHOUSE visitors in the midst of an overdeveloped metropolis reminiscent of downtown Tokyo.

Four galleries straight out of a science fiction fantasy — a cyberpunk cityscape, an interactive market, bustling alleyways, and an abandoned rooftop — all offer nature blooming in unexpected ways amidst a century of humanity’s outsized expansion.

Motion-sensor installations give personalized hands-on interaction with the art and automation, where guests will need to work out “how to help the blooms of our future continue to renew.”

Because rather than just marveling at the beauty of the blossoms, Renewal 2121 aims to inspire people to harness their energy towards finding solutions that will ensure a brighter future.

“Every year we get inspired by the incredible power and beauty of nature to bring the cherry blossom season and its message of renewal and reflection to life at our innovative art space. This year, we felt it was imperative to spotlight the collective environmental responsibility needed to ensure that our natural surroundings thrive. We hope that this installation will inspire visitors to be part of the positive change,” said Sandro Kereselidze, ARTECHOUSE Founder & Chief Creative Officer.

Open to all ages, Renewal 2121 is on view March 15 to September 6, 2021 at ARTECHOUSE DC (1238 Maryland Avenue, SW).

Pro Tip: Locals save at ARTECHOUSE! DC area locals visiting Renewal 2121 on Monday-Friday can receive a $5 off discount. Tickets are requested to be reserved in advance at

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