Nats and Nightclubs

As always, a huge THANK YOU to Victoria Michael for setting up a great time at last night’s Nats game. We scored! We didn’t win, but we scored – and held the Philly’s to 2 runs.

Left: Michael Clements, Lara Driscoe, Amanda Little, my big sis and me.

(Clements may be the funniest man alive. I wish I had taken out the video camera to record his seat dancing.)

Smarting just a touch from the loss, we headed out to find fun at any of the traditional Tuesday spots. Well, first we thought we might hit up a new spot, ShadowRoom – no, not ShadowBox, but I know you keep wanting to call it that! – but the ridiculously high, non-voluntary donation to an unknown cause (though the doorman couldn’t tell me, I found out later it was for the Kidney Foundation) moved us along pretty quickly.

Tattoo was much more appealing. And we spotted TIGER WOODS leaving as we were heading in!!! If only we hadn’t stopped by SR!! At least we got to say hello in passing before heading to Jose Garcia’s rockstar table for a recap of Tiger’s short night out. (The table waitress said his group tipped well. Good boys!)

We met a birthday boy whom we followed for some dancing at Fly. (Red shirt at right with Terry Reiman and Phillipe Lanier of L2) but I peaced out before the night got too rowdy.