National Geographic’s 125th Anniversary Gala: Excitement & Exploration

Base Jumper Felix Baumgartner

“I think Obama, he is the guy to jump with,” offered base jumper — and the first person to break the sound barrier — Felix Baumgartner at the National Geographic Society‘s 125 Anniversary Gala.  “He seems to know what he is doing and is very disciplined. But… I’m not sure if the secret service would be happy with him doing that!”

_, Trebek and Felix
Trebek and Baumgartner, with John Fahey, NatGeo Chairman and CEO

Baumgartner joined Academy Award winning film maker James Cameron, ‘Jeopardy!’ host and National Geographic Bee moderator Alex Trebek, scientist Edward O. Wilson, oceanographer Sylvia Earle, and humanitarian Howard G. Buffet at the formal affair Thursday night which took place at the National Building Museum and included a cocktail party and reception, dinner, awards ceremony and an after party all in the theme of “A New Age of Exploration”.

Exploration included the eats — a locally sourced dinner menu took guests on a geographical journey. The first course centered around the ocean, the main had an earthly theme, and dessert saluted the Arctic.

Past recipients presented the above honored guests with awards celebrating their contributions to exploration, science and natural conservation. Upon acceptance, each urged guests stay the environmentally friendly course.  

Said Trebek, “There are so many things conspiring against us, least of which is apathy. But that can be fixed.”

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