NatGeo Premieres #WarGenerals Doc With Four Star Fanfare

The stars were out in Washington Monday night (Four Star Generals, that is) at National Geographic’s premiere of “American War Generals.

{L-R} Ret. General Barry McCaffrey, Tresha Mabile, Ret. General Wesley Clark, Courteney Monroe (CEO – National Geographic Channel), Gary Knell (President and CEO – National Geographic Society), Peter Bergen (Executive Producer – American War Generals), and Ret. Lieutenant General Karl Eikenberry

“Never before has one documentary encompassed so much insight from top military leaders,” said National Geographic Channel’s CEO, Courteney Monroe.

American War Generals” will give viewers a look-back at half a century of America’s military history, as told by eleven active and retired United States Army generals, including former Director of the CIA and retired four-star general David Petraeus, and former United States Secretary of State and fellow retired four-star general, Colin Powell, as well as giving unprecedented access to America’s military legends from some of the United State’s most substantial wins and losses on the military world stage.

The film’s premiere at the historic Andrew C. Mellon Auditorium this week was illuminated with red and blue lights, celebrating the patriotism and service of these military leaders, many of whom were on hand to see themselves on screen, like General Wesley Clark.  Clark reflected on his experience with his fellow Generals: “I’ve known most of them all my life.  They’re a great bunch of people and we gave everything we had to help the country be the country it is.”

National Geographic sought to provide the generals with the opportunity to share “candid, intimate, thought-provoking insights that offer a very unique perspective on foreign policy and our modern military,” said Monroe.

Executive producer of “American War Generals, Peter Bergen, suggested these men deserve even more recognition than this powerful film can give them. “I think [viewers] will find this is a very impressive bunch of guys. They are all guys. One day there will be four-star American female Generals, but we haven’t quite reached that point yet, although we’re getting close.”

Find out more as you watch for yourself.  The 2-hour television event will air on the National Geographic Channel, Sunday September 14 at 8/7c.