My Fly Soundtrack

Sometimes I think the soundtrack of my life could be”Glamorous” or “Bright Lights” or I’m sometimes just hoping for “Beautiful Girl.” Lately life seems to be more “Party Like a Rockstar.” I’m certainly not complaining about all of the fun, but when we’re out like we’re out on a Tuesday!??!

Piero Spada always takes care of starting the party, especially on Tuesdays when the 4 AM Mile Flyers show up (that’s supposedly us, but I doubt any of us has actually been there until 4…) But Piero does love tequila, so watch out!

The DJ on Tuesdays at Fly rocks, and last night I was ready for dancing with the stars. Mustaffa and I literally took over the dance floor! Yes, I do realize that I have an overactive social life – especially for a Tuesday!!