Museum Hack: Museums Tours Get a Makeover

IMG_1565Museums are boring, right? Think again!

Museum Hack, a New York City based museum tour company, promises a “highly interactive, subversive, fun, non-traditional museum tour” at the National Gallery in DC.

If you’re looking to get beyond the tiny plaques, monotone museum tour guides, and aimless gallery wondering, a Museum Hack tour is two hours well spent. Not only will you learn interesting history about some of The National Gallery’s most famous (and not famous) pieces, you’ll also learn about the spicier side of history that includes conspiracy theories, secret love affairs, and the Met’s insecurity issues with The National Gallery.IMG_1573

Not to ruin any surprises, but did you know that the only Leonardo da Vinci on North American soil was brought overseas in carry-on suitcase by a CIA operative?

You’ll leave the Museum Hack tour with so many fun facts about the artists featured inside The National Gallery you’ll be sure to impress all your friends at brunch.

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