Mr. & Miss Randle Highlands Elementary School

Last Friday night a tradition was rekindled in Southeast D.C. The Randle Highlands Elementary School brought back the Mr. and Miss Randle Highlands Elementary Pageant that had been dormant for ten years. Thanks to PTA President Carol Lewis, the Kindergarten through 6th graders had the opportunity to shine in the glow of the stage lights and their parents beaming smiles.

There would be two phases of competition, talent and evening wear. Of course, the grades would not all compete against each other, but were divided into Mr./Miss Tiny RH, Mr./Miss Junior RH, and Mr./Miss RH. Yes, there were gentlemen in every age division!

The talents were the especially entertaining. Cheerers, dancers, vocalists, and even rappers took the stage. Not surprisingly, songs from the hit movie Dream Girls were abundant. One particularly memorable young man changed the words of a popular song to rap instead about his school and classmates!

The underlying purpose of the pageant was to fundraise for school programs. But as I shared with the audience before intermission, another major purpose was to provide the students with an opportunity to grow in their poise and self-confidence in the warmth and support of an encouraging community. I was overwhelmed by the display of pride Friday night – Congratulations to everyone who participated, and Bravo Ms. Lewis!!