Monster Jam a ‘Phenomenon’ at the Verizon Center

20170128_144330_1_bestshotBy now we’ve all heard that Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus will soon end its performances… so if you’re looking for another circus (of sorts), make sure to check out Monster Jam when next it comes to town.  Late last month, Monster Jam took over the Verizon Center with races, stunts and other performance thrills.

We checked out the Saturday afternoon series, as Monster Jam drew a large crowd to the Verizon Center in Gallery Place, and were stunned by this cultural phenomenon that shouldn’t be ignored. 20170128_141830_6_bestshot

So what exactly happens during a Monster Jam show? In this very competitive event, monster truck drivers compete against each other in races — but also doing wheelies, donuts and other stunts — to get as many points as they can. It’s a show all about showing off.

How did we know which monster trucks were the best and most popular?  Decibel meters were used to gauge the audience’s mood after a driver accomplished some vehicular feat.  Expect loud and proud.  (If you need to know who to cheer for, you can go wrong with Krysten Anderson, the Monster Jam athlete who drives Grave Digger.  She was a clear audience favorite.)

Justin Sipes, 28, who drives Megalodon, made his debut on Monster Jam in Nashville, Tennessee, in early January 20170128_134337_7_bestshot2017. For him, reaching this point is the fulfillment of a dream. He loves the competitive aspect of the Monster Jam shows.

“I’m just a competitor at heart,” he said.

Sipes was neck and neck with another Monster Jam driver, Camden Murphy, who drives the popular Pirate’s Curse. At the finish line, Murphy was the one who came out on top, but a Monster Jam competition is really about showcasing the talent and skills that the drivers possess, so in the end, there are no losers, but accomplished athletes… who might need a little help now and then from the maintenance team, often with a construction vehicle.20170128_132940_7_bestshot

Check this show out!  But before you go, here’s our best tip: Wear protective ear gear! Trust us, you’ll be able to hear the whole thing with earplugs.