Model Mayhem

After hours of modeling Saturday at the launch of Charriol (Fine Jewelry Dapartment, Nordstrom, Tyson’s Corner) I was ready to kick back and spend quality time with friends… celebrating another birthday, of course.

My excitement for Mike Kosmides’ Carvel birthday ice cream cake will only be eclipsed by another “sweet” endeavor he will be announcing in the very near future. Wait for the news!!Plus, just when I thought everyone had crawled out of the woodwork to wish him a Happy 33rd, Jimmy Lynn stroles in with Yul Kwon (Survivor, Cook Islands)!

I did have to leave the BBQ Bonanza as I was going to cover the K Street Anniversary/Madison party for DCStyle. BUT since the bouncers had my photographer escorted out of the party… I thought twice about what I would say. I do have to thank Lounge owner David Chung for apologizing for my photog’s inconvenience. You can see the write-up soon on the DC STYLE website. Even so… I think I should have won the Channel purse giveaway just for that!

So it was on to Play – until the feet that had been squeezed into too tiny (but very awesome!) Miu Miu patent leather booties for the fashion event were screaming for relief. Days later, the searing pain continues… but it’s nothing some leftover ice cream cake can’t hush for a while.