Miss Bars? ARTECHOUSE Makes Hologram of Hopper’s Nighthawks

NHKS4220 Bar Illusion at ARTECHOUSE

If you ever wanted to drink inside a painting, ARTECHOUSE is ready for you. The innovative space dedicated to digital and experiential art recently launched a hologram-like installation in its Washington, DC (and New York City) space to reimagine the famous masterpiece Nighthawks by Edward Hopper.

NHKS4220 Bar Illusion pays tribute to bars and restaurants amid the pandemic, transforming  ARTECHOUSE’s own bar areas into immersive digital art.

During troubled times, bars are a place for solace, community and conversation, but, due to current public health concerns, many of them are now closed, and some may never reopen. NHKS4220 is on view at ARTECHOUSE DC and NYC throughout the pandemic as we wait for bars to reopen, according to Sandro Keserelidze, co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of ARTECHOUSE. The installation can be experienced in conjunction with the space’s other ongoing exhibitions.

Created by Noiland Collective, an Austin, TX-based digital art collective founded by Sven Ortel and Jesse Easdon, and powered by Epson, NHKS4220 Bar Illusion is installed in place of the AR bars on the
mezzanine of ARTECHOUSE locations and utilizes projection techniques to create a 3D hologram effect.

The work brings Hopper’s depiction of a downtown bar scene to life. NHKS4220 Bar Illusion plays out the scene in Nighthawks as a living moment, both in the past and present. Visitors can even stand at the central point of the installation and see their silhouette integrated into the artwork.

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