“Mayor for Life” Marion Barry Gets Grilled at Q & A Cafe

“Mayor for Life. That’s a nice title,” laughed Ward 8 Councilmember (and former longtime DC Mayor) Marion Barry as he joined Carol Joynt for an interview during her monthly Q & A cafe at Ritz Carlton in Georgetown Thursday afternoon.

“I’m probably the most successful politician in Washington, for sure.”

Answering a barrage of Joynt’s questions ranging from his youth picking cotton to drug addictions to racism (including his own comments on Ward 8’s Asian population), Barry admitted that he sometimes had “human issues,” but insisted that “the media hasn’t given him a fair shake.”

“That’s just one Chapter,” he spoke of the memoir of his life.  Then chucking, “Ok, might be two.”

To a small crowd of interested locals, including Ada Polla, Jim Kimsey, Bob Madigan, Lyndon Boozer and Harry Jaffe, the “lifelong liberal progressive Democrat” predicted a win for the incumbent President, despite expressing some concerns about his record on local issues… including the fight for DC statehood.

Reminiscing his own political past, he said, “Democracy does not depend on whether or not you’ve been good or bad.  It depends on… Democracy.”

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