Marathon Intentions

My good friend Andy Baldwin has accomplished the ultimate test of physical dedication – a marathon. So what’s next? Two in a row! He may be crazy, but he’s doing it for charity, running the Marine Corps last weekend and now the NYC marathon this weekend.

We can all help Lt. Baldwin raise $2000 in 24 hours for the Armory Foundation, ‘Keeping Kids on Track.’ Andy says, “Every little bit counts. I’ll match your donation and write your name on the honorary NYC Armory Track and Field Foundation t-shirt!” Use this link to donate.

6 thoughts on “Marathon Intentions

  1. KstK,
    …I AM SURE YOU wont post this (check ur fave Julia Aliison-she posts thebad ones as well) because you only post the comments about what makes you look good.
    But… Andy Baldwin… is he really a “good friend”?

  2. DC is quite different from New York, and the writings of a dating columnist can be quite different from a girl with a government career – but thanks for your candid opinion 🙂

    I think the “good friend” reference in DC is pretty universal… but yes, Andy is a good friend. I support his charity work – and the great work of so many who are trying to make a difference.

  3. Kate , That is a nice picture of Andy with the lovely Tessa. Where did you get it? Thanks for your efforts in trying to make a difference as does Andy.

  4. Kate, thanks for posting a picture of Andy with the beautiful Tessa. She is from DC too. They both make a difference in the lives of others their own way. Congrats to Andy for surpassing the pledge!

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