Man & Woman of the Year Campaigning Begins!

Ten weeks to raise $1.2 million dollars.  It can turn your hair gray.  And it can help to save the life of someone living with leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s or myeloma.

IMG_7492The National Capital Area Chapter of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) announced the start of its 22nd annual Man & Woman of the Year Campaign at the Huxley Thursday night, marking the beginning of the competition season for 20 candidates (eight men, 12 women) who’ll vie for top fundraising honors — and that Title for boasting rights.

The 20 have set a combined goal to raise $1.2 million for lifesaving cancer research, but they — and their IMG_7493campaign managers, team members and other supporters — were reminded Thursday of the more human aspect of their mission by the presence at the kick-off of two special patient heros: Reed Switzer and Madison Nardi, respective 2013 Boy and Girl of the Year.

As she socialized with new friends and her hopeful heros at the event, young Madison explained that she had just finished her last chemotherapy treatment that day and was looking forward to celebrating — but she might have to sneak in some fun at a place with a moon bounce before her other big night at the Man & Woman of the Year Grand Finale Gala on June 8.

Throw your support behind any of the following 2013 candidates here:

2013 Man of the Year Candidates:
Jeremiah Batucan, Questex Media
Bradley Blanken, Competitive Carriers Association
James Hohman, Circa
David Keuhner, Destination Cellars
AJ Khetarpal, Maxxum Realtors & Associates
Jamie Mansy, Sodexo
Tu Tran, XO Communications
Leo Tucker, Northwestern Mutual

2013 Woman of the Year Candidates:
Katherine Baltren, Something Sweet Bakery
Jeana Foster, MorganFranklin
Christi Main, TechUSA
Paula McNichols, McNichols Family Foundation
Angela Mederos, Cleaners of America
Roxana Muzzammel, Guident
Jessica Outer, IBM
Cybil Parker, CDWG
Angela Poliskey, Cassidy Turley
Keri Shull, The Keri Shull Team
Abbey Slitor, Social Market
Tiffany Williams, Institute for Policy Studies

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