Inaugural Luxury and Tradition at The St. Regis Hotel

20170117_113419_5_bestshotIt is safe to say that this year’s inauguration of President Donald J. Trump was an interesting one… but regardless of who is entering the Oval Office, inaugurations are always a time of pomp, circumstance — and exclusive accommodations — in Washington.

The St. Regis was among the local hotels and institutions pulling out all the stops to make this Inauguration Day special and memorable — including a special inauguration hotel stay package.

It should come as no surprise that The St. Regis hotel has been celebrating U.S. presidents since its opening in 1926. There may be a lot of history surrounding the DC hotel, but what the hotel has to offer this year embraces the new with style and flair…20170117_113737_1_bestshot

Guests could feel presidential in the Presidential Suite, paying some $85,000 for a four-night stay with VIP treatment that includes butler service, a personal chef, and other surprises.  This exceptional offer came with two bedrooms, a dining area, kitchen, living room, separate bathrooms for men and women, and closet space designed to store multiple gowns — for all of those inaugural event outfit changes.

20170117_122737_7_bestshotFood and drink prepared for the weekend of events were a nod to the (now) President and, in the case of one cocktail, his wife Melania: including steak, potato gratin, and an Oreo cheesecake — a dessert that combines his favorite sweets, Oreos and cheesecake.

Try to ‘Trump’ that!

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