Lots of Magic, More Miracles at Annual RWW Event

There was magic on H Street Thursday night.

It was in the food as TopChef Contender Bart Vandaele of Belga Cafe created a special dish — and literally whipped up childhood wonder (read: fluffy orange cotton candy) — on the spot.

It was in the fantasy as Magician Josh Norris moved through the crowd amazing with card tricks, mind reading and other confounding feats of “How did he do that?!”

And it was in the feeling, as guest speakers George and Harriet McDonald of NYC’s The Doe Fund inspired attendees to be more, do more, help more.

But at the 5th annual Magic & Miracles at the Atlas Performing Arts Center, there were more miracles than magic — human miracles.  There to welcome guests were the men of the Capitol Hill BID, men helped by Ready, Willing & Working, which assisted their recovery from addictions and entrance into main stream society through services like relapse prevention, life-skills classes, meal vouchers and metro fare cards.

The magic was entertaining.  The miracles are ennobling.



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