Looking For a Uniquely ‘Washington’ Gift??

If you’ve ever looked to give the gift of something that was ‘very DC’ you’ve likely ended up in the Capitol Visitors Center, or maybe the White House’s (across the street) gift shop. But the really good options are limited, and your nephew really doesn’t want another FBI ballcap from the souvenir truck — or the airport for that matter!

But now Washington gift-givers have a new way to feature ‘Capital Style’ as they commemorate birthdays, milestones and other notable events.  A fresh and unique range of bespoke gift boxes — for a wide range of recipients — was recently introduced.  It’s called iconsDC.

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 7.00.24 PM

iconsDC pairs a near-limitless combination of Washington-themed collectibles with locally-sourced gourmet edibles to create customized gift solutions for every possible occasion.

Mix-and-match gift contents across a variety of themes — like landmarks, maps and neighborhoods, patriotic colors, and Washington sports. Edibles comes from such local favorites as Swing’s Coffee, Capital Teas, Fleurir Chocolate, Compass Coffee, Langdon Woods Maple Syrup and Embitterment Bitters.

DC makes great gifts.  Plus, you can think of it as a prime way to export our capital ideas around the country — or around the world!

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