Local Fashion Group International Chapter Wins Top Programming Honors

Late last month at the annual regional directors awards dinner at the Cosmopolitan Club in New York, Fashion Group International presented its top programming award to our local FGIDC chapter for its 2017 Men On The Move event.

The award-winning event was held last June at Paul Stuart CityCenterDC, which featured international leaders of the fashion industry discussing the male’s perspective of the predominately female-dominated fashion industry and the increasing market share of men’s fashion in the industry.

The panel was moderated by Timothy R. Lowery, General Manager, CityCenterDC. Panelists included: Samuel Nettey, Head of Design & Development, Sugi International,
London, UK; Sam Quaye, DTC Planning Manager, Nike Headquarters in Amsterdam, NL; Michael James Lee, Buying Manager, Coach, London, UK; Anton Papich, Fashion Photographer, Washington, DC; and Ralph Auriemma, Creative Director, Paul Stuart, New York, NY.

FGIDC also won the top programming honor for its Men in Motion event two years earlier. On both occasions, the group tapped into the enthusiasm in the area market around the men’s fashion industry… and DC’s excitement around fashion in general.

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