LivingSocial’s Sumo + Sushi: The Cure for Daily Deal Fatigue

It’s no secret – 2010’s daily deal frenzy has left us with some mixed emotions. What started as an ingenious idea to help local businesses reach new customers has slowly evolved into an endless spam epidemic.

The result? Daily Deal Fatigue.

sumo8Now enter the Original LivingSocial Experience. Operating out of a recently renovated location at 918 F Street, the DC based deal site is taking its founding principle — that of delivering “the best deals in your city” — and applying them toward attempting a unique customer experience.

It was this innovative thought change that lead to the creation of Sumo + Sushi. Part of an eight-city tour, this exclusive LivingSocial event takes the term ‘dinner theater’ to a whole other level. “Just like Sea World, audience members in the front row may get wet,” joked emcee Andrew Freund, Martial Arts Museum Hall of Famer and founder of USA Sumo.

After a brief history lesson and explanation of rules, Sumo Wrestling Champs Soslan and Byamba tooksumo3 the stage… clocking in at 800 pounds collectively. Fresh sushi and crisp sake was provided by YO! Sushi, a UK-based restaurant chain currently expanding in the DC area.

And then, arguably the best part: Following dinner, five brave volunteers were invited to go head-to-head with the sumo champs for a hilarious display of personal strength.

Sumo+Sushi fought the fatigue.  Deal dismay destroyed.

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