Krug Shares “Happiness in a Glass” at French Embassy

“Do not mix the work of the workers,” Joseph Krug wrote in a long forgotten diary shortly after the sixth birthday of his son and heir.  Upon reading these words some decades later, those in one of France’s most famous champagne houses, and indeed those in attendance at an intimate luncheon at the French Embassy Wednesday afternoon to learn more about Krug, were puzzled.  And then the secret of Krug’s distinction was revealed…

Krug, currently the crown jewel of the LVMH wine division, gets its grapes from long term contract growers and — unlike any other major label — vinifies each harvest separately, in a process known as complete barrel fermentation.

This, and other trade “secrets” were shared along with a lineup of Krug’s Collection and Grande Cuvees for an audience of restaurant sommeliers, wine enthusiasts and other industry insiders as a prelude to a larger patron’s party Wednesday evening.


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