Knock Out Abuse Event Features Compassion, Dancing… and a Date!



KSK - Cheryl Masri, Gov Terri McAullife, Jill Sorensen
Cheryl Masri, Gov Terri McAullife, Jill Sorensen

The 21st annual Knock Out Abuse Against Women fundraising gala was held at the West End Ritz-Carlton on Thursday night, bringing together the city’s charitable ladies — and some not so shabby concerned men! — to add to the event’s over $6 million raised (over the last 20 years) to support local organizations that aid victims of domestic violence.

KSK - Andre Wells flanked by two partygoers
Andre Wells flanked by two partygoers

Dr. Rondi Walker, 2014 KOA Gala Chair (and President, Walker Plastic Surgery) joined Founders Cheryl Masri and Jill Sorensen in hosting nearly 1,000 guests at this, one of the city’s premier philanthropic evenings.  Among their celebrated attendees were DC Mayor-Elect Muriel Bowser; Wolf Blitzer; Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, accepting KOA’s first ever Break the Silence award for forming a task force to combat sexual violence at colleges and universities; and keynote special guest Robin McGraw, who shared the work of her own charitable foundation, When Georgia Smiled, which serves to improve the lives of women and children, especially those affected by domestic violence.

KSK - Angelatette Glymph, Debbi Jarvis, Alexis Gallagher
Angelatette Glymph, Debbi Jarvis, Alexis Gallagher

Dancing with the Stars‘” Maksim Chmerkovskiy was also particularly welcomed, not only to provide some enthusiasm and eye candy, but also because he auctioned off himself for a lunch date on November 14!

After the annual philanthropy dinners, as an annual tradition, the guys raising funds at their own Fight for Children: Fight Night event down the street then gathered with the gals for some post-party frisky fun.

*Images courtesy of Knock Out Abuse, Linda Roth PR

4 thoughts on “Knock Out Abuse Event Features Compassion, Dancing… and a Date!

  1. “Eye candy”? Really? Yes, Maks is a handsome man, but he’s also a successful business owner who started as an immigrant with nothing but a loving and strong family, he’s devoted himself to this and at least two other worthy causes benefiting children (just to name the ones he himself emphasizes), and so much more. Sorry, but this term is offensive whether applied to a woman or to a man. Especially at an event like this, I would expect more respect.

  2. Maks is hardly eye candy. He is so much more than just a pretty face. But you didn’t bother to do your homework about him, did you?

    And speaking of eye candy, if you think those women in the photo are eye candy, you better see an eye doctor fast.

  3. Wow! Way to denigrate Maksim Chmerkovskiy! Eye candy? When you do that to a woman it makes her nothing more than a piece of meat. It’s no more appropriate to do it to him AND he’s helping bring notice to this very worthy cause. Some respect please!

  4. I think my other post got deleted so I am sending this to
    Knock Out Abuse is a Charity for Abuse toward Women and you are calling the Auctioneer and a person who raises money for Abuse of Women and children “Eye Candy”. This is a total insult to the fans of Maksim Chmerkovskiy. Maksim owns Dance Studios and a jewelry line and a Vodka Company. Hs is looked up to by Men, Women and Children for his help in Raising Money for Abuse of Women and Children and for Illiteracy. If We Want Men to Look up to Women and Respect us, The Women Need to Look Up and Respect the Men Who Help Them Stop Abuse. ( I also sent a message regarding this to Linda Roth Public Relations of Knock Out Abuse ).

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