KM’s Longest Day Ever

I knew it was going to be a long (and late) one. Even so, I got up before most of the social set was stirring and prepared to start my Saturday with a bridal shower. The lucky lady wasn’t just a friend, although she is a great one – she’s the one who handed off her Miss DC crown to me and is about to start the next phase of her life as Mrs. John Patterson (Shannon Schambeau).

Teri Galvez graciously opened her home to us for a ladies luncheon and lingerie shower for Shannon. For hours we nibbled and laughed, then oohed and aahed over some “treats” John won’t get to see until the honeymoon!

By the time I caught up with those who were also attending the Smithsonian Young Benefactor’s Polo Cup on the National Mall, I had unfortunately missed most of the chukkers, but thankfully also the majority of the unbearably hot day! So proud of all of my friends who had the guts to get out there (on horses!) and play to entertain us – and raise money for the Smithsonian Institutions. It was a supremely fabulous event (wonderful food, outstanding participants, and an amazing venue – the National Mall) but also historic, as this is the last event here before construction begins on the new MLK Jr. Memorial.

(I stole the above picture from Pamela’s blog – thank you, Pam!)

The afterparty was in the gardens of the beautiful Mandarin Oriental hotel. As the sun set, we cooled with cocktails and light conversation preparing for… the rest of the evening! It was only 8:00!

A lively group headed to dinner at Teatro Goldoni (from here on I’m shortening to.. “Teatro”) – it’s the hot new spot since we love both the unbelievably tasty dishes and new owner Michael Kosmides. And then off to Play to celebrate the birthday of Carolina Furukrona, Director of the Smithsonian Young Benefactors. Congrats, Carolina – on blowing out all of your candles, of course, but also on a wildly successful Polo event.

I hit the sheets hard… Sunday would be another long day, full of Redskins football!