Kennedy Center Roof Terrace Restaurant Renovates, Offers No Reservations

Did you know that there was a restaurant above the Kennedy Center?  It’s a hidden culinary gem in one of the city’s most favorite playgrounds, recently renovated to keep the dining experience on par with those spectacular rooftop Potomac views.

Experts gush over the multi-buffet Sunday Kitchen brunch (seriously, a room for just the dessert tables), but novice Roof Terrace Restaurant patrons might be just as interested to learn of it’s new — non-reservation — offerings.

“We heard from so many folks that… DC traffic, weather, what-have-you… people just didn’t want to get stuck making reservations and just wanted a casual quick meal and to get down to their performance,” Executive Chef Joe Gurner told KSM.  So a non-res Bistro menu, and an entire portion of the large restaurant was set aside to accommodate.

It’s the place to go before the show!

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