Kal Crowdfunds for Newest Car-tome

To celebrate his 35th anniversary as Cartoonist for The Economist, Kevin Kallaugher, aka KAL, plans to mark the occasion with the publication of Daggers Drawn: 35 Years of KAL Cartoons in The Economist. 

Well, he plans to, but he still isn’t sure how he’s going to pay for it.

Tuesday morning in an open letter to friends, fans and supporters, Kal outlined a special Kickstarter campaign to help finance the book, which will be a large retrospective collection of his cartoons and magazine covers.  But there’s a humorous hitch — he has only 30 days to raise the funds.

Kickstarter, an increasingly popular funding platform for creative projects connects donors to instigators.  Critics complain, though, about the model that pledges money to make projects happen, yet gives no ownership or equity in the project once it’s funded.

How does KAL react to this ribbing?  He says, “The more money we raise, the better quality the book will be,” and on top of that, he’s not asking for all funding and no funny.

Fans and supporters can pre-order copies of the book, buy prints of cartoons and covers from the magazine, plus purchase one of a kind original cartoons and covers. And  there are special rewards for those who want to join the KAL Team… including a book launch party at Boordy Vineyards in April.” 

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