Jeweler Marco Bicego Reinvents the Family Tradition

Nature makes an appearance in Marco Bicego’s latest collection, Lunaria. And though he recently presented his latest grand accomplishments at Saks Fifth Avenue in Tysons Galleria, Bicego warns that the wait isn’t exactly over… he is always looking for more inspiration, and fans will always find much more to love.


Bicego — a Venetian native — fashioned his new Lunaria collection from an Italian flower inspiration.  He admits that he finds a lot of ideas from the houses and monuments of his home country, but traveling also opens his mind… and the creative juices therein: “I love traveling because always I can get inspiration,” he told K Street Magazine.

Growing up with a goldsmith father, one might expect his passion for making jewelry to have started at the earliest age.  It wasn’t until sometime in his 20s, he remembers, that the desire to make jewelry crept up on him.  And he started to work with gold — the main metal he uses in all of his collections —  just like his father did, while trying to reinterpret the gold into something that would make it his own:  “He transferred to me his passion, his vision, his techniques,” he said.


While his Lunaria collection uses gold and dark aquamarine, Bicego confesses that his favorite gemstone to work with is actually tourmaline; the stone appears in many colors, including green, pink and yellow.  So many opportunities for color inspiration!

But while Bicego may always be looking for his next creative muse, he’s not one to forget about past accomplishments. His favorite necklace from a previous collection?  Not a hard choice, he told us, showing off a necklace from the Jaipur Link collection.

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