International Whiskey Day: How About a Crimson Crawl?

Photo courtesy: Crimson

International Whiskey Day is Wednesday, March 27th. And while there are a plethora of places to down a dram in DC, one of the newer venues earning our attention is southern-inspired Penn Quarter favorite, Crimson, located in the Pod Hotel. 

You can roam all over town to chase fun on the rocks, neat, or with a splash of water, or…. do your own Crimson Crawl and experience a world of whiskies on three floors of fun, each with their own unique atmosphere.

Photo courtesy: Crimson

On Crimson’s welcome level, a kitschy diner, you may settle in with a smooth Bourbon Peach Lemonade.  You could drink these all day, only stopping for bites of chef’s mini biscuits with country ham and honey butter, but you’ll want to save room for some cocktails with a view, of course.

So head on up! Crimson’s rooftop penthouse bar is a prime place to post up with a Whisky Sazerac, swished with absinthe, that pairs surprisingly well with the house-smoked salmon canopies on the menu.  You’ll partake as you ponder… Now just which building am I looking at here??

But ultimately, you have to descend to Crimson’s lower level whiskey bar, where flights are fancy (or not, if you prefer) and should be enjoyed with dessert bites.  We’ll raise a glass to that caramel cinnamon rice pudding we’re still craving.


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