Inside WL’s 8th Annual Young & the Guest List

“Our 2013 roster makes it clear, once again, that Washington continues to be a hub of creative energy and technology growth, fed by young people with a seemingly endless supply of ideas to match their creative and entrepreneurial outlooks,” said Nancy Bagley, Washington Life‘s Editor in Chief speaking of the lifestyle publication’s annual Young and The Guest List and corresponding invite-only event.

“The city has become a center for independent artistic spirit, fervor for social change and dynamic ideas for new businesses.”

And so it was with the WL-list event, held Wednesday at the historic Carnegie Library at Mount Vernon Square.  Planned and perfected by Andre Wells, the night feted accomplished young leaders in the nation’s capital under the age of 40 — including some 330 formidable overachievers, including Members of Congress, White House policy makers, entrepreneurs, musicians, artists, activists and media personalities.

Partnering with the duo behind Art Soiree (featured above), 2013’s YGL crooned DC as the Creative Capitol, collaborating with renowned local performers and artists to make each turn in the Carnegie Library corn maze ever for interesting.  Rolled Pucho cigars, numerous cocktail bars, a lively dance floor and creative connections also made the event one to remember.

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