Inside the America Eats Tavern Opening in Tysons Corner

There was a smorgasbord for the American appetite when Jose Andres (sadly, not available in person) opened his new incarnation of American Eats Tavern in Tyson’s Corner last week.  Head Chef Nate Waugaman and the rest of the culinary team treated guests to their fill of Naiffer Photography_DM35351oysters, shrimp and king crab cocktail, Mary Randolph’s gazpacho, hush puppies, mini Maine lobster rolls, blue cheese sliders, steak, and foie gras burgers. And that wasn’t all…

As they took in the details of the new space and sipped their Green Acres (vodka, cucumber, fennel, lime, grapefruit bitters) and Tractor Pull (bourbon, orange marmalade, maraschino, lemon, elderflower vinegar) custom cocktails, attendees were overheard looking forward to the Silver Line metro’s opening later this month… perhaps planning a quick and easy return for more crawfish jambalaya and steak tartare american?!Naiffer Photography_DM35297

And as the last bites of Lemon Meringue Pie and Martha Washington’s Chocolate Cake (triple chocolate cake is an ode to the original First Lady’s recipe), they chose between contextual reference books, used as decor for the evening (and nods to the meanings behind the menu)… which actually serving as the evening’s parting gifts.

*All photos credit Naiffer Romero

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