Inside Madison & Mistletoe: A Charitable Holiday Happening

20151205_201504_LLSAs the holiday season is underway, celebrating this time of year at a holiday party should be on everyone’s to-do list.

The Madison held its annual Madison & Mistletoe event at Hawthorne on U Street, which later moved on to the Chinese Disco.  (The Hawthorne restaurant isn’t supposed to open for a few more weeks, but guests had the chance to see what the restaurant looks like before its official opening.)20151205_201321_LLS

Guests could mingle on multiple floors and order drinks… choosing to sip from a cup that dubbed them either Naughty or Nice.

The Madison may be comparable to a sorority for young professional women, but during the event on Saturday night and early Sunday morning, members could invite male and female non-members to see 20151205_202139_LLSwhat all the fuss is about. People who caught wind of the event on Facebook also showed up to the festivities.

For members of The Madison, the organization is a fun way to mingle with other young women in Washington, DC.  Networking opportunities are also part of the package.

Besides socializing, philanthropy is an 20151205_201829_LLSimportant part of the young professional women’s group mission.  Part of the event’s proceeds will go to a philanthropic organization. For this year, The Madison’s organization of choice is the Make-A-Wish Foundation.



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