Inside DCIndustree’s Inaugural #60Stunners Party


There’s a “Most Beautiful” list for just about every other industry, so why not the food  and beverage industry?  This was the question asked — and answered — earlier this month as DC Industree, an events based industry brand, made its inaugural ’60 Stunners’ announcement, along with a celebration, of course, at STK in Dupont Circle.

Lee Ann Brown, Hollis Pica and Lauren Ellison

Months of consideration led to a decision to select 60 local “professionals who best represent DC’s cream of the crop based on physical attributes, personality, and dedication to their craft,” according to industree’s Mary Kong-Devito, and according to her colleague, Alisia Golden:  “We really wanted to shine a light on all of the people who bust their ass all day… and look great while doing it.”

From high-level chefs to hostesses, general managers, food truck operators, and small-batch producers, these stunners span the spectrum, highlighting and honoring some of the hottest industry professionals in the region.

The 60 Stunners finale party included a special mention of the selected ‘Top 10 Stunners’ announced live at the event (to take winning Grand Marnier shots!) along with unveiling photos from an exclusive shoot hosted by the W Washington DC.

Chad Lee and Sophia H

The Top Ten were announced as follows:

  • 10. Alex McCoy (Duke’s Grocery)
  • 9. David Mazza (Taylor Gourmet)
  • 8. Robert Yealu (Independent Food & Beverage Professional)
  • 7. Caroline Blundell (Ripple)
  • 6. Makoto Hamamura (Crane & Turtle)
  • 5. Eamonn Fetherston (Rappahannock River Oysters)
  • 4. Che Ruddell-Tabisola (BBQ Bus)
  • 3. Joe Ambrose (POV at W Washington DC)
  • 2.  Doron Petersan (Sticky Fingers Sweets & Eats)
  • 1.  A TIE!!  Ronald Flores (Art and Soul)  & Ayeshah Abuelhiga (Mason Dixie Biscuit Co.)
Francisco Beltran with Gladys Abi-Najm
Alisia Golden with Doug Rashid

The remaining list of Stunners includes:

  • Chad Spangler (The Menehune Group)
  • Rob Duncan (Dolcezza)
  • Violeta Edelman (Dolcezza)
  • Mo Cherry (Mason Dixie Biscuit Co.)
  • Alli Sosna (MicroGreens)
  • Sarah Gordon (Gordy’s Pickle Jar)
  • Andrew Market (Beuchert’s Saloon)
  • JP Fetherston (Southern Efficiency)
  • Hollis Bradley Pica (STK DC)
  • Hilda Staples (VOLT)
  • Rachel Martin (Boxwood Winery)
  • Carlos Castera (Jaleo)
  • Elizabeth Parker (Rose’s Luxury)
  • Derek Brown (Mockingbird Hill/Eat the Rich/Southern Efficiency)
  • Tom Brown (The Passenger)
  • Caitlin Roberts (Number 1 Sons)
  • Trevor Frye (Dram & Grain)
  • Ashley Vignola (Vignola Gourmet)
  • Ari Wilder (Chaplin’s)
  • Luke Holden (Luke’s Lobster)
  • Burton Heiss (Nando’s Peri-Peri)
  • Mare Lewicki (Daikaya)
  • Aaron Silverman (Rose’s Luxury)
  • Elizabeth Petty (Elizabeth’s Gone Raw)
  • Gladys Abi-Najm (Lebanese Taverna)
  • Louis Goral (Rural Society)
  • Giueseppe Lanzone (Peruvian Brothers)
  • Nora Pouillon (Restaurant Nora)
  • Vicky Harris (CapMac)
  • Kimberly Grant (ThinkFoodGroup)
  • Matt Carr (Little Red Fox)
  • Cizuki Seki (Izakaya Seki)
  • Chris Vigilante (Vigilante Coffee)
  • Brinn Sinnott (Le Diplomate)
  • Sarah Spigelman (Jack Rose Dining Saloon)
  • James Horn (Kapnos)
  • Rob Saunders (STK DC)
  • Brett Schulman (Cava Mezze Grill)
  • Rachael Ewing (Ri Ra Irish Pub)
  • Jesse Miller (Bar Pilar)
  • Francesco Amodeo (Don Ciccio & Figli)
  • David Guas (Bayou Bakery)
  • Anne Marler (Little Serow, Komi)
  • Scott Harris (Catoctin Creek Distilling Co.)
  • Julie Nganele (Restaurants of Bryan Voltaggio)
  • Johnny Spero (Minibar)
  • Carolyn Stromberg (Righteous Cheese)
  • Grace Miller (G by Mike Isabella)
  • Michael Lastoria (&pizza)

*Photos credit Joy Asico, Asico Photo