Georgetown Rocks! at Its Annual Neighborhood Gala

20161022_192923_8_bestshotGeorgetown.  It’s known for its rich history — and great shopping.  And so much more.  Why not celebrate the many years that this neighborhood has been around?

The Citizens Association of Georgetown (CAG)’s annual Gala does just that. This year, at the Four Seasons Hotel in Georgetown, the “Georgetown Rocks” highlighted the neighborhood’s style, history, and allure.20161022_191858_6_bestshot

The people who attended the event included members of CAG, people who work in local businesses such as LiLi The First, Illusions salon, and Morgan Care Pharmacy (which has been around for more than 100 years!), and others who just love the neighborhood and all it has to offer.

20161022_191607_8_bestshotNotable attendees included Rick Murphy and Jim Wilcox, who are both running for local ANC positions.

For CAG Executive Director, Betsy Cooley, the Gala serves as a way to fundraise efforts to continue to make Georgetown a great neighborhood to be. Historic preservation efforts, safety, and an oral history project are among the topics that are on the CAG agenda.  But she 20161022_191405_7_bestshotalso said that the CAG Gala is “a community-wide celebration.”