Inside Chris4Life’s “Blue Crush”

Artists and activists came together at Adam’s Morgan strength training spot, STROGA, last night to crush colon cancer and celebrate patients, survivors and caregivers with Chris4Life. 

Pictured here: Tara Chantal Silver and Rachel Merritt

Colon cancer patient Jen Puglise with Michael Sapienza, Chris4Life Chairman

Stylist Ji Cha poses with Lacey James, Board Member of Chis4Life, Patient and Treatment Care Program

Wendy Gordon with Caroline Alexander, whose wellness center, Healthy Muse, offers colon hydrotherapy services

Donna Donella and Linda Krell enjoy an event line-up of notable creative and performing artists

Dancers from CityDance Ensemble fit in well at STROGA, showcasing strength and movement in a choreographed piece founders support the colon cancer cause through live musical performances

Local guitar hero Evan Bliss sings “Love is a Dancefloor” from his latest album

Grammy award winning performance artist and beat boxer Christylez Bacon with co-event organizer Philippa Hughes of the Pink Line Project

Allison Brooks, Heather Guay, Marybeth Coleman, Tara de Nicolas, Ashley Taylor, Pamela Sorensen and Maurisa Turner Potts
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