Inside Andre Wells’ Post-Halloween Costume Party

Costumes were required — even post Halloween — as event planner to the stars Andre Wells hosted his over the top holiday happening Saturday night at the District Architecture Center.  Himself dressed as a IMG_2396convincing Dennis Rodman, Wells planned the perfect accompanying party entertainment… a dance break with the ladies of the Washington Wizards Dance Team.

‘Members’ of TLC and Milli Vanilli danced and lip sync’d to songs played by an unusual band-and-DJ combination as vampires, fallen angels, comic book heroes and the entire reproduced cast of Orange is the New Black drank and IMG_2391danced.

Well’s “Come and Play” branded evening satisfied, with fun and food, offering a trio type buffet of chili before wheeling out a separate Halloween candy bar — and surprising guests as they left with Chicken & Waffles from a waiting food truck.

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