In Case the Zoo Goes Missing an Elephant:

This performance includes smoke, loud noises, flashing lights, live animals, confetti, water, milk, eggs and cheese says the warning.  And yet that still doesn’t fully prepare audiences for the awesome absurdness of the spectacle.

The Elephant Room, the first theatrical performance of its kind at Arena Stage, is an off-the-wall original comedy and conjuring show put on by three delightfully delusional illusionists: Louis MagicDennis Diamond and Darryl Hannah (no, not that one!).

These mustached and mulleted men invite you to join their “secret society” set up in the cinder block raised diorama-esque den – or “Elephant Room” – for a unique blend of magic and mayhem to include: frying an egg with no fire, drawing the Dalai Lama from disappeared Kool-Aid mix, and making one large pachyderm appear.  But, of course!

The Elephant Room’s stage illusions, juggling, mentalism, levitating, slight of hand and other talented tricks are on stage through February 26.  Tickets $40.

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