Ideas Needed

Writing an article on personality branding through social media.

Are bloggers really just social climbers?
Is it important to have a personal brand?
Do mainstream employers really frown on MySpace and Facebook accounts?

Send me your thoughts on the topic and any personal stories you want to share –

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One thought on “Ideas Needed

  1. That’s an interesting question. I have kept a regular blog for the last year or so and to me it is a venue for sharing my thoughts and happenings with my friends and family. I had not thought of it as a way of climbing socially. In fact, it can go both ways. When I post my opinions and thoughts, there are many who may agree and many who may disagree with me, so it doesn’t necessarily move me up or down the ladder all that much.

    Having said that, blogs, MySpace, Facebook and other public virtual venues do show a side of yourself that you may not necessarily show in the “real” world, depending on how willing you’re willing to put your thoughts on the screen. Anyone who is looking for a job should take care not to post anything that might turn off a potential employer, such as “I hate working and I love to lie around and smoke weed!” 🙂

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