Like the island get-away, but not intended to be as relaxing. Ibiza seems to be an old warehouse turned dance club, reminiscent of Flashdance, “She’s a Maniac”, but spinning much more current tunes!

Four (or more) large rooms showcase different genres of music, and obviously draw much different crowds. It would seem there will be something for everyone once the club is in full swing.

Tonight was the grand opening. Kim Kardashian was the socialite hostess, although she was not spotted. DJ AM finally came in at midnight… and the view from behind his DJ booth was the best in the house.

Amanda Walke, Jaime Windon, Jimmy Lynn and I explored the entire place, from the rooftop patio terrace to the trance room (Crate and Barrell furniture throughout!) and enjoyed free cocktails all night thanks to special VIP passes from the sponsor, Washington Life magazine.

My DC Style write-up was published at http://www.dcstylemag.com/blog_main.cfm?P=%23%21%5D%2FO%0A. Check it out!