How Did DC Socials Handle Irene?

In case you missed it, there was a hurricane happening this weekend.  Sheltered, scared or getting sloshed… local notables shared their reactions on social media. 
Availor Philanthropy’s Katherine Kennedy went online to suggest making “shelter grab bags” for homeless friends and Quinn Gillespie & Associates’ Chris Brown blew out his birthday candles at Bourbon Steak while the wind was blowing outside. 
According to Real Housewives of DC’s Lynda Erkiletian: “Power has officially gone out!  Only thing I’m missing is the air conditioner! Hot flash!  Please tell me this is temporary!
Writes EATS Good Media PR maven Wendy Gordon: “When the going gets tough, the tough make food and have wine.  Riding it out at Casa Gordon with friends.”
AP’s Mark Hamrick cracked us up with this FB status: “Just realized I don’t actually have any hatches to batten down.”
And HOT99.5 DJ Toby Knapp summed it all up with this tweet: “Better name for Hurricane Irene: Hurricane Melodrama.”

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