Horton’s Kids Holds Its 7th Annual Home Run at Nationals Park



Wednesday evening, Horton’s Kids‘ 7th annual Home Run event was held at Nationals Park with an atmosphere alive with energy as Members of Congress, Hill staffers, corporations and community members around DC gathered to support the kid-friendly organization that strives to meet the academic, emotional and social needs to children and families of Ward 8 through intensive tutoring, youth programs, health and basic needs support.

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Attendees, including hundreds of kids, enjoyed an evening filled with indoor and outdoor batting practice, catch photos with Nationals mascots Teddy and Screech, and more.  To complete the evening at the baseball stadium, Horton’s Kids provided a limitless amount of hot dogs and hamburgers for their guests.


Founded by Karin Walser, a former Congressional staffer, Horton’s Kids began 26 years ago as a simple program to take at-risk youth to the zoo.  Now the organization’s impact on the Ward 8 community shows through a continuing rise in graduation rate for youth involved in Horton’s Kids.

Robin Berkley, Horton’s Kids’ new Executive Director on hand at this week’s event, started as a volunteer three years ago.  Knowing she wanted to do more for at-risk youth, she decided to take her experience public education policy at the state and national level and be directly involved (“from the 5000 feet level to the 0 foot level,” as she puts it).  Now she follows Walser in what’s sure to be a home run.


“A person is a person, no matter how small” – Dr. Seus – Horton Hears a Who!