Hoop Dreams… Wasn’t Just a Hoop Dream

According to Hoop Dreams Founder Susie Kay and the organization’s website:

It is with a heavy, humbled and very grateful heart that I let you know that we
have made the very difficult decision to bring the operations of The Hoop
Dreams Scholarship Fund to a planned close, which will take place over the
next few months. The HDSF Board of Directors on June 22, 2009 made a very
responsible decision to adopt a resolution to dissolve our organization. More…

Hoop Dreams wasn’t just a hoop dream. Hoop Dreams was an organization that many in Washington, including us, were proud to support. Over the course of its 13 years, over 1000 local youth were afforded college scholarship opportunities. It was about a better education, and enriched life and a stronger community.

It is sad that the current state of affairs in our domestic economy has forced this closure. Kay states, “Our ability to raise funds to continue providing our students with resources to serve them in the way that has made HDSF so impactful and special has declined drastically in this particular economic climate… The organization will continue operations and remain a support system for all current constituents, in a reduced capacity, through the fall.”

Though we are sad to hear it, we do want to congratulate Susie an the entire Hoop Dreams team on the impact they have made in so many young lives. Keep up your wonderful work in whatever way you can.

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