Hillwood’s ‘Natural Beauties’ an Exploration of Gems and Mineral Art

Precious stones are the focus of the latest special exhibition on view at Hillwood Estate, Museum & Gardens: Natural Beauties: Exquisite Works of Minerals and Gems.

Over 100 objects and artworks made from malachite, jade, amethyst, and lapis lazuli will be on special display from February 15 through June 7, 2020. Among the items in Marjorie Post’s collection are delightful containers, seals, tables, and frames, which will be displayed alongside loans that further explore the beauty and history of the precious stones, from the 1600s through today.

Organized into three sections, the first portion of the exhibition opens with gemstones, from their natural beauty to their use in art and as family heirlooms.

The second section contains fascinating treasures from Russia — in fact, seals, malachite artifacts, tables, and rock crystal chandeliers from Russia were once shown together in Post’s “Malachite Room” or “Green Room,” which was recreated specifically for this exhibition.

The exhibition will close with an example of the current revival of stone carving, representing the continuation of the hardstone tradition in contemporary art.

“Marjorie Post was a renowned collector, known for her keen eye and love of beautiful and finely crafted objects,” explained Executive Director Kate Markert. “Her passion for hardstone developed at a young age and continued throughout her life, culminating in this unique assembly of treasures from around the world.”

Natural Beauties is the first exhibition at Hillwood to trace the use of Post’s collection of gems and minerals, focusing on the remarkable collection of resulting objects.

*Images courtesy Hillwood 

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