[Vid] A Preview of Hillwood’s New “Fragile Beauty” Exhibition with the Curator

Hillwood’s latest exhibition, Fragile Beauty: Art of the Ocean, showcases items inspired by and made from materials originating in the oceans.

Through January 5, 2025, explore the art of the ocean through pieces from Hillwood’s collection alongside contemporary artworks and advocacy calling to attention the critical state of the oceans.

“We have worked with contemporary artists and designers not only to show that the ocean and the sea is not only a source for creativity today but also for raising those questions [about sustainability],” said Dr. Wilfried Zeisler during a tour of the exhibition before it opened to the public.

As Dr. Zeisler explained, the exhibition was originally inspired by a rediscovered artwork that has not been shown in decades, Treasures of the Sea. This piece, one of the largest paintings at Hillwood, was once owned by Marjorie Post’s father, C. W. Post.

The exhibition dives into sea-inspired mythology and features many objects of rare and precious materials, including coral, pearl, tortoiseshell, and walrus ivory, including a number of Post’s own impressive pearl jewels, all displayed in the Adirondack building on the Hillwood property.

Fragile Beauty explores the splendor of the sea at a time when the ocean is in danger and sustainability is more important than ever.