Hail to the Redskins!

Ok, so we lost 12 -10… but the first home game of the preseason was a nailbiter to the end. As superficial as our tour of FedExField will appear, Elle Collver and I were very into the game.

Tonight was my first time in the Redskins stadium (ok, I’ve been there once before – last year – but we never even ound our seats!) so I was curious to really look around. Our seats were Club level – awesome – but next to some Steelers fans, so we headed to the Suites. Suites are fun, but the excitement of watching your team with thousands of screaming people beside you is lost in separation by inches of plexiglass, so we couldn’t stay there. Just as we were leaving the suite, who do we run in to but Mercedes Lindsey, Miss District of Columbia USA?!

(Mercedes was bummed because boyfriend Jason Campbell was injured in the first quarter and unable to play for the rest of the game.) She gave us tickets to sit in the lower level (probably Jason’s seats). Sitting close to the field was fun – except that we were sitting in the midst of a crowd of Steelers fans… why did we let them take over our stadium??

So, through all of that moving around… we did get to watch a good portion of the game. Although we lost, we had some great plays and great throws by Mark Brunell! I’m excited to return to FedExField again to watch the ‘Skins play – and win!