Guys and Dolls Pop-Up, a Fashionable Event at Penn Social

20150725_120245_4_bestshotBeing fashionable and stylish doesn’t always just mean an awareness of the latest trends, but also sometimes is about knowing what clothing was popular in the past. In other words, having a vintage item or two in your wardrobe wouldn’t hurt.

That’s why DC loves the Guys and Dolls Pop-Up.  In its second year, the Guys and Dolls Pop-Up at Penn Social, held last week, showcased stylish items from a variety of vendors. A pop-up celebration of vintage clothing, vintage-inspired items and objects, each item sold at the event at was dubbed “one of a kind.”

The shopping experience was a unique one. Besides vendors promoting their fashionable products and clothes, the clothes invited visitors to have an open mind when it came to what they would find on the sales floor – just like at a flea market — with sequined wares and statement costume jewelry dominating the displays.20150725_120832_8_bestshot

Many items were under 100 dollars — or bring your best to the negotiations — with some clothes going for as low as 15 or 20 dollars.

For a few hours, the lower floor of Penn Social was transformed into a different space, where the bathroom became a dressing room and the fashion items — instead of skeeball — were the draw.

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