Gravitas’ Chef Opens All-Day Gourmet Market: Baker’s Daughter

Baker’s Daughter. Image Credit: Leading DC

“Delicious, wholesome, simple cooking” is how Chef Matt Baker describes his new all-day gourmet market in Ivy City — Baker’s Daughter (1402 Okie Street NE). 4-course meals ($45 pp), à la carte fare, house-made pastries, and deli items will be found literally across the street from Baker’s other famous enterprise … the Michelin-starred Gravitas.

The kitchens are independent. However… You can visit Gravitas for its current $80 pp tasting menus or find a (slightly over) half-priced alternative at Baker’s Daughter that looks a little something like this: Herb baked focaccia, summer peach and burrata salad, seared scallops with Spanish chorizo, and an entrée of beef bourguignon with bacon lardons, pommes puree, and crispy Shallots. (We’re here for it!)

Baker’s Daughter Image Credit: Leading DC

À la carte café offerings vary seasonally, with the current menu including classic jambon beurre sandwiches, braised pork posole, stuffed piquillo peppers, and braised beef short ribs with whipped polenta.

“I’ve always wanted to open a casual European café,” Baker said, “but a carryout kitchen offering approachable, easy, high-quality meals and grocery items was never part of the vision… Not only is this something people need right now, it’s an opportunity to future-proof my staff against any industry disruptions to come.”

Intention and timing worked out insanely well since, well, responding to the shifting demands of the industry since COVID-19… takeout is the ultimate in dining trends right now. Most patrons will be in and out, but the cozy shop does offer a smattering of well-spaced seats — and free Wi-Fi to café guests.

Baker’s Daughter. Image credit: Leading DC

Baker’s Daughter has a minimalist chic décor that keeps its focus on the food, but also suits well the market’s sales of home goods — helmed by Baker’s wife Lindsay — who curates the selection of plates, candles, cookbooks, and giftables.

And it truly is a family affair. Baker actually did name the venue in honor of his daughter, who is less than one year old… but rumor has it is already taste-testing the menu items!


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